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Message Subject HOLY SHIT!!! TRUMP says GULF WAR WAS fabricated!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It was fabricated! He is only speaking the truth!
 Quoting: TheGasMan II

Yes, he is speaking the truth. The real reason we went into the Middle East was because it was a bankers' war. They wanted to establish a Central Bank in the ME because those countries didn't have one.

The problem arose when the ME didn't want a Central Bank because they had their own banking system with tons of oil money to keep them solvent and happy. The globalist bankers wanted to take that oil money with a Central Bank, which would have eventually sent the ME to the poor house the way it did to the U.S. with loans and high interest payments.
 Quoting: Catnip

And there we have it!!!

You stupid fucks knew it all along but still wanted to blame the Muslims simply because you pukes hate people that are slightly different than you are either in skin or beliefs. And then you people confuse yourselves to have pride is someone elses despotic cash grab merely because those people reside in America(or pretend to represent America) and you fool yourself into believing that their motive is yours as well.

If you know all of this, then why do you morons continue with the "Sand n***ers this, Goat fuckers that, Pedophiles this, that, & the other!" ??

You people just want altercations and because of that you go out of your way to grossly exaggerate your misunderstanding of other peoples culture because your noses are stuck too far up your ass with the stench of national pride for you to smell your own bullshit.

So, now that you guys see the "truth" thanks to Donald Trump exclaiming what everyone already knew but chose to ignore; Are the Arabs still Sand n***ers? Are they still goat fuckers or pedophiles?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73150161

I want to apologize to you on behalf of the American people for being so ignorant. Happy?
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