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Message Subject “It’s Going to Be a Bang-Bang Couple of Weeks” – Rudy and Joe diGenova: IT ALL LEADS TO OBAMA – First Biden, Then Hillar
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The best half hour of TV in a decade occurred last night on Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle”. Guests former mayor of New York and President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and former US Attorney Joe diGenova tore into the Democrat’s phony impeachment and then went to the heart of all the corruption in D.C. and they were brilliant.

Rudy – For years Obama had a pay for play operation in his administration and it’s disgusting and one of the reasons they’re fighting so hard – If Biden comes out, so does Clinton come out and about three others. This goes right to the top of the Obama administration and the administration that says, ‘I didn’t have scandals’ will be the most scandal ridden administration in our history. Obama didn’t care about ethics. He didn’t care otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

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I missed it, I fell asleep during Hannity, damn cold
 Quoting: Coastie Patriot

I saw it, it was great! Rudy was also on Trish Reagan and that should have been seen also!

My one reservation in all this is with Rudy coming out with so much of what he knows on TV, I doubt anything will be done DOJ wise. Even Rudy said the swamp was worse than he ever imagined.
I think Rudy and Trump know they cannot beat them, there isn't a chance in hell they will get a conviction in DC, and that's why we are all seeing this being exposed to the public, slowly but surely. If they can't convict them, they will just expose them. But with 95% of the press being biased to the swamp, I don't think the message will be believed by many. Simply because most people still believe if ABC, CBS, CNN and others aren't reporting it, it didn't happen.
Sad but true.
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