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Message Subject Things are changing. A letting go. A falling away.
Poster Handle TheFierceOne
Post Content
Common to all who are dropping the old ways and embracing the new.

To begin, you’ll drop all outward extensions of learning or gaining insight to your life.

You’ll be learning first-hand, getting your own direct information and right away. Dowsing...

You will gain knowledge of who you really are, the true causes in your life, the reason why certain people are in it, and finally, what do to with it all.

These “revelations” come of their own time, are for you only, and speaking of them…well…you’ll simply know that it is your business and no one else’s. These awareness’s are highly personal to you alone and are for your growth and no others, unless as a means to help you understand someone in compassion and as a means to help them.

Creativity, kindness, patience, silence, giving, doing, being, will all push for release and actualization in your daily life modality. Give them that expression. Let those waves flow through you.

 Quoting: The_O_

This resonates. I do think "release" is key. Like a dam break of energy. Not sure why. It's almost as if the current state of things is claustrophobic and I need to set free or breathe or untether.

Can you suggest any readings, meditations, etc?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75860136

Here it's all About to put aside all thoughts of the past and the future and stay in the present.

Mindfulness Meditation is what I try to practice in all my daily routine.

Always keep My mind In the NOW the inner workings.

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally”
 Quoting: The_O_

I agree with everything you say especially about the mindfulness meditaton

It helps so much when you are experiencing what the OP has described as it helps to keep one balanced

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