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Message Subject Things are changing. A letting go. A falling away.
Poster Handle OldChap
Post Content
There really arent enough words or maybe, more accurately, not the right words to describe what I've been experiencing for a few months, maybe as far back as a year and a half. And it feels like it is coming to a crescendo.

It's like a quiet questioning of everything that I am or have done or think or feel. A questioning of all that I have always thought was true or accurate or real. in encompasses people, relationahips, places.

It's almost like peeling an onion. The peeling away reveals a new layer which must also be peeled.

It's so existential that I wonder what will be left of me.

And there is a sense that others are quietly going through this same surreal process.

So, am I alone here? What is this? Spiritual? Metaphysical? Cosmic? Is it just the turning of an age?
 Quoting: quickening 75860136

Quickening, I am very happy for you.

This planet has been undergoing a long test of dark and light energies, and our souls have been coming in as willing participants in human form. Given maximum duality, maximum free choice, and memory wipe of our true self, will humanity favor lower consciousness of greed and selfishness or favor higher consciousness of peace and harmony. Sadly, looking back at our recent history the answer is abundantly clear.

We are at a very rare moment in time where there is a very big potential for this planet to ascend to a higher consciousness. It is wonderful to read here that more people are starting to awake and the veil over their eyes is becoming more transparent.

We are not out of the woods yet, as the dark energy will employ all their trickery to the max to retain their power that they have had for ages. We should be mindful of our thoughts and actions so as not to fall into the traps setup by the dark energy to lower our vibration and consciousness for their benefit. A very benevolent entity taught that we should walk away from anyone or anything that puts fear in us, belittles us, or makes us very confused.
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