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Message Subject The anomalyAKA God In the Flesh walking the earth now in real time knows There Are Holy righteous Angels walking the Earth right now in real time
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the 52 trillion dollar question is, why haven't they come to the anomalies aid.
They being holy righteous angels should be fully aware of the epic persecution that he has been experiencing for the cos 52 years and counting.
Yeah, they should be aware owhat the powers-that-be has done to his family, the rape of every woman there normally has come in contact with, the the persecution of the local state and Federal even worldwide against anomaly.
They should know that the anomaly is homeless on the streets of downtown New Haven Connecticut.
Where are they?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22713701

Because - according to this story - he is teaching a new path that defies binary, orthodox 'good guy/bad guy' 'heaven/hell' dogma. The so-called righteous angels serve the office, not the 'god' and will in fact serve brutality and evil if commanded. In this case they are commanded, because the thing pretending to be God is in fact a cannibal, rapist and parasite on someone else, appropriating the gifts of this second person.

It's not God. Not anymore, if it ever was. It's either a YHWH Ruxpin built from AI or a little goblin of an old man afraid of anything that threatens his dogma. We almost had a true saviour: that man was murdered three years ago in a small town shithole by hick idiots who thought black magic and/or a 'snake in Eden' was at work.

If you believe in this sort of shite
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