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Message Subject lets kill an argument. "satan but dinosaur bones there".
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It seems there's even Biblical ignorance. In Genesis account, first chapter the Hebrew word "tanninim" refers to what was translated as huge monsters and the account describes the same sort of creatures appearing as we can see in layers of geological strata, of course the names trilobite or Latin names were not used. Even life appearing in the waters. Genesis 3 says the snake did suffer a sort of metamorphosis and started to crawl obviously meaning once it didn't. Curiously fossil evidence shows there was a time when snakes did have feet and we know about flying dinosaurs with feathers like Mayan Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl. The universal legends describing dragons like plessiosaurs suggest at least some could've survived in the lakes or sea due to a change of gravitational force in the planet (rotation and movement around the sun affecting even the size of animals, mammals even though bigger than current animals couldn't match the SIZE of beings before them, even trilobites were gigantic and insects and not because of tumors in the brains of ebery single creature or mutations but mainly due to geo-physical reasons related to the planet.

In Hebrew Genesis snake was not literal "nahash" but a spiritual creature like winged-snakes SERAPHIM with feet and hands! That's why Apocalypse correctly states the ancient snake was a dragon...like Chinese dragons. THe study of comparative religions do say the same story over and over and not related to each other.
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