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Message Subject lets kill an argument. "satan but dinosaur bones there".
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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After all this is a more reasonable explanation than saying they actually existed and that maybe God created their end through some cataclysmic climate shift to prepare a world where man didn't have to compete with giant lizards all the time.
 Quoting: King Neptune

This is what I believe is the truth about dinosaurs.

Remember, Angels are created beings just like man is; before man the Angels had the universe to themselves - as the Bible says, "they were given the power to walk among the stones of fire." I suspect there were and are many glorious things to see on these planets.

I have no doubt that God also created life on many planets throughout the universe. I doubt the Angels and Man are his only creations. One of these types of life was the dinosaurs on a young planet Earth.

When God decided to make man, for reasons known only to God he decided to make Man on this planet (maybe because Earth is so far away from other planets with life?). Before he was to make man here he had to remove the life that was already here - the dinosaurs. That is why they died off so suddenly, because it was the work of God to prepare the Earth for Man.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 243964

Genesis is specific about the reasons to create man: to "cultivate" the land. Now even old English translations use cultivate coming from ancient Latin "cultus" from which our word culture derivates. But that includes a lot of things even mining. Interesting the detail EDN where ADM was set with all sort of DNA was close to Hevila (we later know in chapter 10 the name is Post Deluge and was Opir/Ophir's brother), the land of GOLD of excellent quality..... Gold and silver belongs to God says Hageus prophet..
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