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Message Subject BREAKING: Syrian Kurds under bombardment from Turkish jets urgently request air support from U.S. and “No fly zone” to protect civilians.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Kurds should have known never to trust the US backstabbing government. I live in one of the border cities of Iran and let me tell you sth. The Kurds have infiltrated our city. We are Azeri Turk Iranians and we don't want Kurds here. Most can't even speak our language properly. Fuck Trump and fuck the Kurds.
 Quoting: ~THE IRANIAN~

This post above is a perfect example of why you don’t get involved with these idiot goat fuckers.
They all hate each other as you can see, they all hate everything, everywhere, all the time. It’s all just hatred.

We don’t need to be there. We only ever wanted their oil.
Trumps has made the US the #1 energy exporter in the world.
They can all kill each other now. We will just sit back and watch.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1301153

Mostly, they hate being where they are. They all want to come to America and change it into their muslim shit-hole. Everywhere they go, they try to convert the country into the sharia hell hole they tried to leave behind. They aren't smart enough to see that it isn't the location, it's the oppressive islamic political system that makes their lives suck.

America does not get oil from these countries, and has no reason to invade for oil. That would be the EU.

 Quoting: Epic Beard Guy

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