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Message Subject WOW - W Bush... Shrub Jr is in Twubble... CIA declas doc for Iraq inv... Looks very very bad...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The CIA Just Declassified the Document That Justified the Iraq Invasion; The Bush White House Looks Very Very Very Bad

The same crowd who have made a recent career of slamming President Trump have some explaining of their own to do.
The Bush cabal are, simply put, Professional liars, according to CIA documents...
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 Quoting: The Natural One


The idiot g. DUMBYA bu$h, jr. is just as corrupt as the clinton$ - & possibly even worse.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1897079



I cried when he won and when he sat in hiding for days after 911....I started to rage. I can honestly say it was my great awakening to every thing corrupt in this world. This mofo sat on his ass hiding while we were under a very orchestrated attack. Fed us lies of hatred for years against a false enemy that our government and secret societies world wide created to gain personal wealth. What country does not have their hands in the pot.

It has just continued but undercover in every aspect since. Fake wars for the rich all over the globe, the out right terrorizing of entire countries of citizens, blaming us, taxing us. And don't get me wrong...this is every country, every PM, every government. Watch who falls; it's usually just some asshole false dictator that could be taken out with infiltration and a shot to the head while he sleeps or walks about freely by a very small group. Instead the world leaders create war like assholes on the game of thrones to this day and the worst part is.....We let them.

So I say Declassify it all....
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