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Message Subject WOW - W Bush... Shrub Jr is in Twubble... CIA declas doc for Iraq inv... Looks very very bad...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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We all know the invasion of Iraq was because Saddam began burning his oil fields and had changed the denomination of his oil sales from the Dollars to the Euros because we wouldn't leave his country after the first Gulf War. And since we can't print Euros, that put a halt on our "free" oil so we put the crosshair on his forehead again.

What about the UNOCAL connection? Will that be declassified as well?

The people that rose as leaders in Iraq(Harmid Karzai) & Afghanistan(Zhalmay Kalilzad) allegedly were at one time "consultants" for oil company UNOCAL which was supposedly headed by the Bush family.

UNOCAL was eventually sold in 2005 in what many think was a move for Bush to distance himself from the company once word got around as to the origins of the newly implemented leaders of recently liberated Aghanistan & Iraq.

All this was allegedly to run oil pipeline where Dick Cheney's HALIBURTON would drill from the Caspian Sea and UNOCAL to run pipe from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan & Pakistan to end up in India.

HALIBURTON & UNOCAL's position eventually got sold off to other companies along with some Asian development bank. Whether that sell off was because of light being shed on the Bush/Cheney connection or some other factor is not clear to me. In the end, this eventually came to be TAPI, the Trans-Afghani Pipeline to India.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73150161

Same shit in the Golan heights with Genie oil with good ole DICK Cheney at the helm.

Some people love to steal.
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