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Message Subject How many men here settled for an ugly woman so not to be alone?
Poster Handle How do you solve a problem?
Post Content
Try and find someone who you can talk to and who you are prepared to do things to help her out .

Do not get sexually involved until you are happy together ...maybe 6 months to a year ....

I was told ...by a Granny all men are the same in the dark ...someone told me this was not correct ...

Anyway I was lucky and met my husband when I was 17.5 years old and he was 18 ...

Looks fade boys in both men and women ...

It is a matter of getting on and watching the other partners back ...

I expect what is ugly to one person is not to another and actually it is really shallow and childish to think beauty on the outside is the same as being kind and helpful and decent ....

Vanity and so preening is actually a deadly sin ..

I have noticed on the American films the young ones are fairly mean and spiteful ...not a good look.
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