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Message Subject If you hunt deer and eat venison you're going to want to stop after reading this
Poster Handle XeroGravity
Post Content
the Center for Disease Creation (CDC) created this disease and purposefully spread it within the deer population so that hunters and preppers would have a tainted food supply after the grid goes down.

Deer have been happily going along in nature for thousands of years.
All of a sudden CWD shows up.
Like Lyme disease, it was created by CDC and spread on purpose.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72530568

As soon as I heard about this disease a little over a year ago, the first thing that popped in to my mind was Agenda 21/Agenda 30. The UN scum are dictating to us that we have to be concentrated into urban "population centers" to be better controlled. All our local, state, & federal govt. people go to these 501c3 NGO conferences annually to get indoctrinated in the step-by-step implementation of this crap. Want to see your future 2-5 years out? Look at California. 5 years out? Look at Western Europe. 7-10 years out? Look at South Africa. BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has already been seizing lands under Obama from ranchers & farmers using draconian new rules to bankrupt them & drive them out.

I live in Maryland & heard about Agenda 21 approximately 20 years ago, & this resettling of rural & suburban populations into cities, & thought "No way! This is America!" Well, about 15 years ago or so there were floods of videos online from people reporting unmarked cargo planes flying overhead releasing from their cargo hatch a spattering of ticks (all of which have since been censored out of existence). I became alarmed by it, & stopped going into the woods (something I've done all my life being an outdoorsman).

Since colonial days, the wilderness where I lived only ever had 1 species of tick, 1 species of mosquito. Now there are 5-6 different types of tick & even more mosquitoes. I covered countless square miles of the local woods over 1000s of hours, & could count on one hand how many times I'd ever gotten ticks on me. Now, you go even a few feet into them you'll get deer ticks on you within minutes. We are INFESTED! Nobody had ever seen deer ticks up here for as long as people lived here.

I'm passionate about this because my sister-in-law & neice both acquired lyme disease. Our family lives in areas dense with trees & foliage. I never go into the woods anymore because I won't risk my health. Our nation has been under biological attack (& chemical -- chemtrailing, 200+ sterilization chemicals in tapwater, etc.).

I don't need to hear evidence to already know this deer-borne disease is yet another genetically engineered weapon. Our UN overlords & their compatriots in the US govt. need to make sure the food supply to be had in the forests are destroyed. We can't have any stragglers living outside the grid when the tech tyrants implement "Social Credit Scores." These genocidal psychopaths from Google & even Bill Gates himself have been funding programs to breed & release genetically engineered mosquitoes. There's always a bullshit lie claiming it's to kill off the mosquito population, but instead they "mutate" & begin spreading another lethal disease.

Wake up America! We've been under attack for 2 decades.
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