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Message Subject EQUALITY TAKES A TOLL: Women are stressed, 'burning out' at an alarming rate, new study finds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Welcome to the workforce ladies
 Quoting: Jake

Thanks for answering my Kurds question on the other thread. :)

I blame the damn feminists! You men can’t imagine how awful it is to just want to be a homemaker, mom, loving wife, housekeeper, cook etc. I would give ten years of my life to be able to experience the life my mom had.

I don’t feel it’s shameful to have dinner ready when my husband gets home to a spotless house with great ambiance and a cocktail waiting. If I didn’t have to work outside the home, my husbands life would be divine and unfortunately he doesn’t know it and can’t imagine it. Also he expects me to work and do all the Women stuff too and the yard. He has never dusted once. So, sadly, I’m too busy to make him the priority. His life could be so much better. :(

When this feminist bs began to show in their wives, the men should have slapped it right out of them. I would give them an earful if I could go back in time. End Rant.
 Quoting: Fossy

You need to sit him down and have a talk. And move to a place where the cost of living is cheaper. And if you are working then chores should be split. I couldn’t live that way. I wouldn’t live that way.
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