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Subject The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jevvs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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could be why there is such an uproar over what in reality is a fairly minor matter ... an ethnic subgroup being forced to relocate some 20 miles distant from their nations border

yep thats it, they're going to have remove themselves at least 20 miles from the Turkish border, and ... MSM, everyone is pitching a fit

neocons are apoplectic, gosh, I wonder why ?


The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jevvs
Barzan (Kurdish Newspaper) ^ | 4 may 06 | kevin brook
Posted on 05/04/2006 7:03:48 AM PDT by white trash redneck

"The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jevvs"

by Kevin Alan Brook

Kurds are the Closest Relatives of Jevvs

In 2001, a team of Israeli, German, and Indian scientists discovered that the majority of Jevvs around the world are closely related to the Kurdish people -- more closely than they are to the Semitic-speaking Arabs or any other population that was tested.


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