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Message Subject The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jevvs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
a fact worth being aware of given the 9/11 false flag and these wars in the Middle East it's lead to may all have been a result of secret Israeli control of the US govt

Kurds are closely related to jevvs

there is a phenomenon of "crypto jevvs" which are jevvs who present themselves as being of some other religion, for example don meh moslems who (many or most) are actually jewish and I believe have been recognized as such for the purpose of receiving birthright Israeli citizenship. some antecedents for this practice date back to shabbetai zevi and his followers, and later the frankists

so if a lot of Kurds are crypto jevvs that would certainly be an advantage to Israel and given they are supposedly mostly sunni moselms they are on surprisingly friendly terms with Israel
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