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Message Subject The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jevvs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Before the Syrian war there were 2 proposed gas/oil pipeline they wanted to build through Syria.

One was the Iranian pipeline that would have run through Iraq, Syria and to the Mediterranean Sea in Syria and then on to Europe. Russia supported this pipeline as well as Syria.

The second pipeline would have gone from Qatar, through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and then on to Europe.

Turkey would have benefited from the second pipeline by charging for all the gas/oil that flowed through the pipeline and so at first they were for it. But this pipeline was a deception. The Kurds are secret Kosher Tribe members and thus controlled by Israel.

Israel's secret plan was for the Kurds to break off from Syria and become an independent nation.

There are 2 locations the Kurds have in Syria. North West Syria and North East Syria. The Israeli plan was for those two sections of Kurds to unite and then northern Syria would break off and become Kurdistan. Kurdistan would run from North Eastern Syria to North Western Syria to the Mediterranean sea.

Then Israel could cut Turkey out of the deal. Instead of running the Qatar pipeline through Turkey it would run the pipeline through Kurdistan to the Mediterranean Sea and cut Turkey completely out of the deal. Israel would get the bulk of the money and Kurdistan would get a little of it. Israel would build and own the pipeline.

Of course Turkey was horrified to find out what Israel had planned and the idea of a Kurdistan getting all that money via the pipeline was completely unacceptable to them.

So I expect Russia to make a deal with Turkey to maybe run the Iranian pipeline through Turkey.

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