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PROTEST ! TIME FOR REAL NEWS, Not Sheople News * Letter to the Networks8

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United States
07/25/2007 05:41 PM
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PROTEST ! TIME FOR REAL NEWS, Not Sheople News * Letter to the Networks8
This really pissed me off, and I have sent an email to CBS, and Katie Couric, asking them to GROW A PAIR !
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Here it is, and you are welcome to copy and send to your favorite brand of the Sheople Nightly News.

Hi Katie,

I just sent this to the main news email as well. I think you are an excellent news person, who has been reigned in by bosses who prefer us all to sleep our way through our lives, so their friends in high places and they can laugh at the American public all the way to the bank. It isn't just you. It's all the major networks. I can remember when the news gave us more truth, the kind that drove us to action. Don't you remember that ? What a sad fact it is that we have to get our real news from the internet forums, UTube, Google tube, and from other countries .

This isn't about your broadcast personally. It is about the milk toast, put the 'sheople' to sleep news that the major networks are using to make the sheople think everything is all right, and under the control of the new American dictatorship. Things aren't all right. The truth is being hidden. Government treason has become fashionable, and the victims who speak out are being shoved out the court house doors. Do we hear the news questioning the ethics, morals, or being outraged by any of this ? No, we don't hear that. We hear the news telling us that the Bush administration says not to worry, as long as they can continue to reem us, lie to us, destroy our economy, kill our sons and daughters to hide their crimes, and more. Hey, outsourcing, and the loss of American jobs is good for us. You are kidding, aren't you ? But, hey, Paris Hilton's and Lindsey Lohan's bad behavior, childish behavior, is earth shattering, and of world importance, to CBS, NBC, and ABC. You are kidding , right ?

This is what I have sent to the CBS generic news email address.

When are you going to stop replacing real news for real people with gossip about bad children that you have turned into celebrities ?

When are you going to grow a pair and give the people real news that really does matter, instead of what puts the 'sheople' to sleep?

News :

* The Bush administration's complicity in 911, and the long term plan that PNAC was putting into place since the 70's to provide us with a Pearl Harborlike event, so that they could create chaos, death , and destruction in the Middle East. Controlled demolition, military told to stand down, the BBC reporting bldg.7 had collapsed a half hour before it happened, news people being heard asking if 'this is the script they are supposed to read from' , and more. How about exposing these crimes against the US citizens, our country, the world, by our unelected White House administration ?

* The 1992 Bush agreement with the UN that destroyed the Constitution and Bill of Rights in favor of a World Government.

* The document signed by Bush Jr. last week that created his imperial DICTATORSHIP, and threatens anyone who speaks out against the current genocide in Iraq , that isn't about terrorism. It is only about feeding the bank accounts of the Bush's, Cheney's, and those who are yanking their chains ?

How about telling the sheople how much they are profiting off the backs of America's dead sons and daughters ?

How about telling them how much Cheney and Bush are profiting off of Halliburton ( now moved to Dubai ), Blackwater,

and other companies they are linked to , and directly involved with ?

* How about some real news about what the Bush administrations planned and put into place to drain this country's coffers dry, and the wealth of the people ?

* How about news about the real technology that can enable us to have FREE energy ? Technology that is available and has been quashed because it would allow us to run our cars, and our power without chemicals and oil based products ?

How about telling the sheople that the government has been hiding this technology because the Bush's and Cheney's wouldn't be able to bleed the country dry ?

How about telling the sheople that most of those who have tried to bring these products to mass production have been silenced to protect the oil barons and their friends ? How about telling the sheople that this technology has been available all along ?

How about telling the people the truth, that most of the so called terror plots and acts, are nothing more than false flag operations designed to offset the Bush approval numbers, and hide what he and his cronies have been doing to this country, and it's citizens ?

How about a call by the media for impeachment ?

How about the media questioning why the Congress and Senate can't bring these criminals in the White House to justice ?

How about telling us why their victims court cases are being dimissed, and the criminals in the White House continue to thumb their noses at those of us who don't understand when the truth became lies, and lies became the standard ?

* How about some news about the weather manipulation that is taking place around the world ? About the toxic chemicals, viruses, poisons, they are spraying in our skies, that we are breathing, that are making people sick ?

Or, is there something up there that they don't want us to see ?

* How about some news about how many hundreds of reports of sightings of large groups of UFO's are in our skies ?

Why are they there ? What is their purpose ?

How about telling the people that the space craft are much like what was described by the Egyptians, the Mayans, Incas, Aztecs ?

How about telling the people that these craft are much like what was described in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, and the Hindu scriptures ?

* How about telling the people that the goverment is controlling your news ?

* How about telling the people, sheople, that the news you give us is scripted, and controlled by those who own your networks, newspapers, radio stations, and more, and that these same owners of almost all media are friends of the Bush's and Cheney's ?

* How about telling the sheople that what the Bush's and PNAC planned all along was to use scare tactics, much like Hitler, to take away their freedom by telling them their lives were at risk if they didn't go along with the new US Dictatorship ?

* How about telling the sheople that the Bush's stole two elections, by rigging the voting machines, as the maker of the voting machines guarunteed publicly ?

* How about encouraging the sheople to wake up, and protest en masse ?

The numbers of people who are fed up with being fed their daily dose of pablum by the so called media, the mouthpieces of the government , are in the many millions , and growing. How sad is it that our media has forgotten it's purpose , and that is to inform the people, despite what the government tells you to do ?

If you dare to tell the truth, instead of celebrity gossip, and they pull the plug on your broadcasts, then we will all know , with certainty, that this is no longer the US, by the people and for the people.

How can it be that these crooks in the White House, and their cronies are being allowed to freely perpetrate crimes and treason against the citizens of this country, and the planet, and you, the media behave as if every day is sunny and bright like Mr. Roger's neighborhood ?

GROW A PAIR ! STAND UP TO THEM ! By God, if they pull the plug on you, there is cable TV. Your jobs are to inform the people of the truth. The real truth. Not the PNAC and NWO's version of how they want the world to be for sake of their profitability.

Thank you
User ID: 162439
United States
07/25/2007 06:35 PM
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Re: PROTEST ! TIME FOR REAL NEWS, Not Sheople News * Letter to the Networks8
Well said!