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Do You Understand the Trinity? Let me help you!


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United States
10/18/2019 03:37 AM

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Do You Understand the Trinity? Let me help you!
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It seems that many people on GLP are deeply interested in religion, as Christians, and those who just don't understand.

So let's talk about this complex subject, to see if we can clarify a few of the more difficult concepts.

Especially the Trinity!

Now I can't take full credit for what you are about to read, because when I first heard this simple explanation, it made all the sense in the world to me. But, I will expand upon this idea to color the picture.

The Trinity is the Christian concept of God.
It is
God as three separate, yet same beings.
How is this possible?

In fact, the Muslim belief is STRONGLY against the idea of the TRINITY and they believe that anyone who does not believe in the One God they call Allah shall be put to death.

Now, that said, I doubt you are going to be captured by a radical Muslim who will want to kill you for being Christian...but if you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time, you could find yourself in a deeply troubling situation.

To deny Christ (as Peter did 3 times)
Face certain death.

And the only reason you'll face death is because you cannot explain the Trinity.

Remember...There Is One God but Allah!



It's simple really.
Jesus even said, he is the Living Water.

God is like water.

Water (H2O) manifests in 3 distinct forms.

There is ICE (Hard, Cold, Solid) and ice can be as massive as a glacier, slowly moving, beautiful, yet dangerous. In many ways unforgiving, difficult to navigate, powerful, and captivating.

God the Father is ICE!

And water is a liquid.

As a liquid, water provides life, it is thirst quenching, and provides relief to a dehydrated body.
Water cleans, and washes off the dirt and scum that accumulates after days of living on this planet we call Earth. We all get dirty, and stinky, simply by not showering. But if we go out and roll around in the mud and filth, sweating, and covered in shit...we will quickly become an unwanted guest anywhere we go...We need to wash off...and a dip in a lake, or to stand outside in a full downpour will do the trick. And we scrub off all the dirt...and drink in the cool, fresh water that we need, because if we go 3 days without water...we die.

Jesus Christ, the Man from Nazareth is the Living Water; and he offers himself freely to all. He is JOY to a man who has been walking through the desert, when the HARSH SUN has beaten a pounding heat and scorched him close to death.

Try it sometime....just get thirsty...and you'll know how Wonderful and Beautiful fresh water can be.

AND then.....H2O can be a Vapor.

Humidity is the way measure the H2O in the air.

You can't see the water in the air, unless it is boiling off a pot or a cloud in the sky. Water, as a vapor seems to be invisible. But it is not really invisible, we know it is there, we can feel it, or not feel it.

On a hot day in Central Florida, you will feel the humidity, it can be oppressive. Yet, a thousand miles away in Phoenix, Arizona the humidity may be so light, it feels dry as a bone. And the humidity will move, and change direction with the wind, coming, and going where it pleases. It is like a ghost.

Hence the Holy Spirit (Ghost) is like water as a vapor.
As a vapor, it is all around us, sometimes in full force, other times barely perceptible. The Holy Ghost is who we have NOW from the Trinity to work with on a daily basis.

So here we have it:

3 Unique and Separate Personalities that are different, yet One and the Same.

This is the Trinity....this is GOD....working in our world, with us, for us, and for YOU!

The Father....The LAW. Hard. Rules. Judgemental. War.
The Son...Gentle, Life giving, forgiving, kind, refreshing.
The Spirit...All around you, with you always...a mist!

And that's it folks.

I welcome anything you can add or would like to discuss.

I'm posting this because I know some of you on GLP can and will read more than a witty sentence. This was lengthy, but how else can it be explained?

We live in a world (the USA in particular) where being a Christian is quickly becoming hated, or Christians join Mega-Churches where they enjoy the emotional experience of a good speaker and a crowd. But to be a Christian, in the very near future, is going to require courage, like never before.

Make no doubt about this, our nation is deeply divided. And those on the Left are very much anti-Christian, and they have a lifetime of built up anger and hate waiting for you if they can gain power....and they will...at some point.
They will.

And that is when you will know persecution like you never knew. Because you, dear Christian, are to be blamed for:

Stopping Abortion
Anti-(anything really)
You will be hated for believing in GOD.

Are you ready for that?

Because in Rome, in the early days of the Christian faith, the Christians went to the lions, inside of the giant coliseums...singing songs of praise and worship.

And the Roman citizens were so amazed at such calmness and courage under such duress...that Roman Citizens started to become Christian...and what they found was enough power and strength to carry on for another day.

Now here we are 2000 years later.

And the shit is about to hit the fan.
And you know it.

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Anonymous Coward
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10/18/2019 03:42 AM
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Re: Do You Understand the Trinity? Let me help you!
the holy trinity is father , wife and child .
in that order .