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Message Subject Him VS The 13 ArchOns of the roUnd Table..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
IF the archons as an act of war were to shatter his mind and lead him to the lowest point of existence point zero in the abyss, could he reconstitute its mind and consciousness from such low state of energy?

 Quoting: LuciferApollyon(SOL)

The archons that sit in the round table of the 13 are the only ones with the caliber of combined intelligence to actually pose a threat to him...
 Quoting: LuciferApollyon(SOL)

Not saying I am him, but Kitty Poster is ready to witness archon fight....any time =^_^= ~~~~........ .

Thing is, if Kitty Poster reveals trump card, KP may note 'entire' 'timelines' deleted without a trace?

I would note an entire omniversal history.....where neither mortals ***or*** archons ever existed in any shape or form?

Mortals would call such a process Mandela Overdrive?
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