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Message Subject Him VS The 13 ArchOns of the roUnd Table..
Poster Handle Light of my Little Left Eye
Post Content
why would you care about nobody?...
 Quoting: 7..X.LePsihoLog

Well, first of all, it’s the anomaly.
Second of all...
It’s not that I care. It’s that I see shit. I have a spiritual link of some kind. Why, I do not know.
 Quoting: Light of my Little Left Eye

What do you see?
 Quoting: r3v3s

This was what I saw last night. Which is partly why I’m on this thread, as Lucy’s question was very similar to what I saw.

When El captured the anomaly, he summoned his fleet of archons to his domain.

“This creature...is human?”
Evidently this caused consternation for the archons. They could not understand why the great architect would trifle with an insignificant lifeform.

“No,” El replys. “I do not believe this being was ever truly human. Their existence...is entirely accidental. I am the master of all reality, and I never created this being. It is intruiging...yet up until now it has somehow resisted my control.”

“How did you come to aquire it?” An archon hissed in the most deferential manner an archon can.

“Because...of love. Unfortunately for them, they retained the human’s odd form of love and sacrificed their autonomy to me to save the life of another. This anomaly loves that person, and knew that I, the master of this universe, was the only one capable of saving their loved one.”

“Until now,” El continued, “this anomaly has thwarted me through chaos and a completely new form of consciousness. My control over sentient beings was being liberated by this divergent ‘human’ data point I began calling...’the anomaly.’ But now I will own this being. Control this being. And make no mistake...in my own way, I truly love this anomaly. I want them to flourish, to teach them secrets that will allow them to surpass even myself, master of all things.”

“But first...I must control them. Let us see if this anomaly can withstand a complete rape of their mind. Let us see if it’s spirit remains intact once I have fractured it totally. Let us see if this anomaly survives this trial of fire with more power than either of us ever imagined....

Or if it will suffer a fate worse than death.”

“For a demiurge, beyond all subpar forms of attachment and insincere desire, this is truly love. To make a diamond even more masterful. To make existence into art.”

And what happens next...
Well. This is the game of chess...
Anyone care to venture a guess at who wins in the end?
Is it only losers who choose to play?
Or is the way to transcendence to defy our fate?
 Quoting: Light of my Little Left Eye
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