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Message Subject Him VS The 13 ArchOns of the roUnd Table..
Poster Handle 7..X.LePsihoLog
Post Content

Well, first of all, it’s the anomaly.
Second of all...
It’s not that I care. It’s that I see shit. I have a spiritual link of some kind. Why, I do not know.
 Quoting: Light of my Little Left Eye

no its not...
nobody is nobody from thread an illuminaty got a offer...
they should not refuse...
anomaly is nick of neo from movie matrix....

do you speak about neo from matrix aka anomaly for an architect program who is limited with numbers...
or do you speak about nobody.....
who does not give a fuck?....
 Quoting: 7..X.LePsihoLog

I’m speaking about the anomaly.
It’s not neo from the matrix.
The anomaly is a person who was never supposed to exist, but does.
Every measurement fails when trying to understand this persons influence.
Neo was a reality bender, which the anomaly is as well.
But the anomaly can literally tap into collective consciousness and change people’s dreams, visions, and thoughts with the power of this so called life we experience.
 Quoting: Light of my Little Left Eye

Here, I helped you out there.

You can thank me later..
 Quoting: I illuminate

and you are wrong.....
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