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Message Subject The Bible Is God's Word
Poster Handle TheLordsServant
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How do you know there is a god? Which one? Why? How do you know the bible is correct? Who wrote it? Where are the original texts? In other words, apply the standards you would to any assertion. Unless you're the first, you will conclude it's faith. Which is belief absent sufficient reason. Not illegal or immoral. However, it is perhaps the poorest way to convince others. Odd choice for a God who knows his creations. I suppose he would wait thousands of years as science,knowledge etc., eliminates most other gods. So now we are down to a handful. Will various followers allow knowledge even if it contradicts their beliefs? Or will it prove them and answer man's eternal question...Is there God? Do tell...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75583697

God...the Father..exists, as does His Son Yeshua.

The Bible covers 4000+ years of their interaction with mankind.

NOTHING you say will change these facts.

In reality, there is not one single shred of evidence OF ANY KIND that actually DISPROVES any of the vast majority of events in the Bible.

Dozens of people AND hundreds of places mentioned in the Bible have been proven to exist.

Here's a 191 page free PDF of Biblical Archaeological finds.

[link to www.israelite.net]

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God isn't real? MILLIONS of folks would beg to differ with your claim.

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