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Message Subject the current world population is a Hoax
Poster Handle Anomaly75
Post Content
There is no way in hell each country can take total count of its population and give it to a Grandmaster to calculate.
Just think about how many people in America alone are unaccounted for.
Also how are we able to put shoes on the feet of a billion people how long would it take Nike to make a cheap pair of sneakers for the world's population
Think about it.
If a YouTube video hits hard and gets many views why isn't it getting 3 + 4 billion views rather than just a few hundred thousand or a few thousand
Shit dont add up
How does Ford produce hundreds of thousands of Crown Victorias for cop cars and taxis and what-have-you every year.think about it. You would be building cars and producing on the every tenth of a second. And still couldn't build enough cars to supply the demand. Think about it.Idol1
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