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Message Subject the current world population is a Hoax
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP is on to something.

They want us to believe the planet is in peril and there are too many people.

They reinforce the lie by cramming people into cities.

Agenda 21 is doing this on a mass scale.

Rural communities are being deliberately destroyed so people are forced into cities. Just like China.

The elites want a planet to themselves while people suicide themselves by not having children.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74469934

Take California for example. You see there are many large cities. Outside these cities are subdivision complexes that are crammed together one after another. Then they have fires that roar through many hundreds of thousands of acres and they tell you that a hundred or two hundred homes were destroyed when you know there are probably 4 homes on every acre of land. Year after year it burns but it rarely gets to these populated areas.

They make you think states like New Jersey are just one connected municipal web where it's hard to tell where one city and it's surrounding burbs end and another begins. You drive through it and it's vastly forested even after all the decades it's been settled. Most any state you go to it is the same. There is no way the US is over populated, much less the entire world. Either there is way more land or way less people than projected.
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