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Message Subject new Cannabis breathalyzer test is a billion times more sensitive than alcohol test and will tell cops if your stoned - LOL you are going to jail!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Everybody's level are different too. First time smoker half a hit to the moon. Long time smoker much much more. That half hit might not show up where as the long term smoker may be non impaired in the condition they would show up to meet Trump or go to jury duty fine but set off the test.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78068184

They're different with alcohol, too. It's pretty easy to have breathalyzer data thrown out. The tests aren't accurate, depend on the person, can be influenced by a ton of factors, machines need to be calibrated and rarely are, etc etc

A 110 lb woman who is not a routine drinker might be smashed at .08 but a 250 lb man who drinks a few nights a week might not even have a buzz at the same level.

Also, the more routinely one drinks, the faster their body processes the alcohol, so the assumptions made about whether someone was drunk at the time based on a low test are bogus. The processing times are non-linear.
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