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Message Subject new Cannabis breathalyzer test is a billion times more sensitive than alcohol test and will tell cops if your stoned - LOL you are going to jail!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The only people I see DAILY almost crashing into me and others are CELL PHONE users.
Worse than ANY and all drugs combined. I'm guilty of it at times and each of those times my eyes and mind were completely off the road.

I will not do it anymore. Not worried one bit about pot smokers. Drunks are easy to spot. Please stop using cell phones while driving. Uber & lyft drivers need to pull over to look at their phones Ive noticed. Very bad driving conditions with all these cell phones. I lost my cousin to a head on collision with a school bus because he was texting his gf. Only 28 yrs old. Thank God the bus hadn't picked up any kids yet. Does anyone have the statistics?
 Quoting: Almira Gulch

Distracted driving vs. drunk driving — which is more dangerous?

Loss of life
Drunk driving claims 29 lives per day, more than 10,000 per year.
Distracted driving claims 9 lives per day — approximately 3,500 per year.
Economic impact
Distracted driving costs society $40 billion a year.
DUIs cost $44 billion per year.
What I am reading is dui has more deaths but injured non death are close like 400,000 range for distracted driving around the same as dui.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78068184

I would question the DUI stats. Someone can get into a fatal accident with a bottle of Jack in the trunk and they will label is an alcohol related fatality even if nobody was drunk.

They do the same if someone sober rear-ended someone who is drunk even though sober guy was at fault... They pin it on the other driver as DUI.

They also include other drugs in the DUI stats.

The last I had looked into the issue, the number of deaths Nationwide for alcohol intoxication alone was something like 300 a year.
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