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Message Subject new Cannabis breathalyzer test is a billion times more sensitive than alcohol test and will tell cops if your stoned - LOL you are going to jail!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
'Game-changer' breathalyzer test for marijuana is a billion times more sensitive than standard alcohol test and will tell cops if suspects are stoned

New marijuana breathalyzer tests that are billion times more sensitive than one for blood alcohol levels, has been dubbed a 'game-changer' by researchers.

Some law enforcement agencies across the country have been reluctant to have marijuana legalized in their states, worried relaxed rules for the drug could lead to an explosion of impaired drivers on the road.

But now cops could loosen up to the idea, thanks to devices from Hound Labs and Sanntek that can tell how recently someone has consumed THC, a by-product of marijuana, and in turn detecting whether they're likely to be high.

'With alcohol, if you have over 0.08% in your blood, there's the presumption that you're intoxicated,' Christopher Leusner, head of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police, told the Philadelphia Inquirer. 'There hasn't been a blood test or a breath test that can determine if you're impaired by marijuana.'

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk (secure)]
Much needed.
Too many people driving stoned putting innocent peoples lives at risk.
 Quoting: Cannabis Kills People!


I hope this gets used everywhere.. i am sick and tired of driving around and almost being creamed by a bunch of fucking useless stoners that are baked beyond belief..

The fucks pay no attention to lights.. red it doesn't matter, just drive right through it while ripping a bong hit with smoke rolling out the windows..

Sitting at a red light? well hell pull out the phone and spark one up so you can get lost in your own world not to be brought back until every vehicle behind you is going around you blowing their horns at your stupid ass.

Lines on the road? what are they.. just cross them at random because your stoner fucking peabrain is obliterated, and I have to drive in the weeds to stop from being hit head on.

have a good friend who is a LEO, he is still nursing injuries from being hit head on by a useless fucking stoner.. and he was the ONLY other vehicle on the road!!

He found the bowl still smoking and the bag of weed on the front seat of the shitbag stoner who hit him.

You motherfuckers need to be PUT under control.

You are stupid, mindless fucking ants that need crushed.

And a healthy FUCK YOU! to any of you low IQ pricks that want to argue the point.. you have no leg to stand on and even if you did you would fall over from being an inebriated fucking cocksucker.

I hope this tech. puts all of your pathetic "weed" using asses in prison.

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