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The Littlr ANTIFA Guys Are All Weak Little Wussies.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77125286
United States
10/21/2019 09:45 AM
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The Littlr ANTIFA Guys Are All Weak Little Wussies.
Here in Portland a few weeks ago, the Police separated the Conservative Demonstrators from a few dozen scrawney little ANTIFA guys from ... well, probably their Mom's basement.

These little ANTIFA guys just kind of stood over on the side, until it got dark. And, they got hungry, so they left.

The Military these days cannot even find enough Snowflakes who are not weak little, scrawny pussies. They cannot do pushups, they just stand around, they cannot march, they cannot even comprehend simple orders.

Looking foreward to confronting them on my terms.