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Message Subject And the marionettes keep playing the game of duality
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They will keep pushing for civil wars worldwide. The Reptilian hybrid illuminati cabal. Everywhere now everyone is divided into left vs right. It is by design.

I can guarantee you everyone I have talked to hates the liberals and especially Trudeau. This is all being pushed through to incite hate between all sets of people. A war over the mind of people.

 Quoting: Exodus 76136237

Exactly. It's working, too. Just read GLP.
 Quoting: Anonymous Girl

I have been saying all this for over 10 years on here that it was coming. I was posting as OrionRa before. In the last year I overcame duality hen I met another who is "like my other half" on here. Yet...I was warning against this game for everyone to be ready. I admit, sometimes I get sucked into it myself...but I quickly realize the game and pull my energy out of it and not feed the system. Spirits can incarnate into any shell or religion or even political system. The genuine beings, the ones that know we are all ONE, are being played for fools. They're being drained to keep this false system going. Sadly...the game is getting more and more dangerous because if one leaves one set of dogmas...another is there to take it's place. The only way out is in...inside oneself. Each is a part of the God of One true light source. Even "negative players" need to realize that it is all a game and they need to wake up and withdraw from all this...it is time for everyone to rest.
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