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Message Subject And the marionettes keep playing the game of duality
Poster Handle ~Newton's Own~
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78102991

You're a Trudeau voter, eh?
 Quoting: Anonymous Girl


You should know by now that Trudeau's just playing his part in the great game.

The game of Empire Earth...
 Quoting: NowIhavetothinkofaname 73478784

Trudeau is playing the left side of the game...the chaotic luciferian side same as Obama was in the US. The problem is not with duality itself...the problem is that it got hijacked into a game to keep people trapped in a neverending loop where it gets darker and darker and the more suffering the game imposes the more everyone loses their energy to feed this corrupted system. Look at worthless paper and digital currency...it has no real power beyond the illusory power one gives to it...yet it runs and ruins the world and causes much chaos and destruction...over an illusion. It is time to break that illusion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76136237

The illusion is powerful, but just an illusion, yes.

You break it with love and kindness.

They want to cause hatred and division.

Don't let them.

Be kind and loving but don't be a fool or a doormat in the process.

This world needs a tough kind of kindness.
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