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Subject Donald Trump PRAISES Iran for not hurting anyone when shooting drones
Poster Handle Builder of the Adytum
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[link to www.dailymail.co.uk (secure)]


President Donald Trump in a new interview minimized Iran's shooting down of U.S. drones over international waters, saying there was 'nobody in it.'

Trump made the comment while defending his broader Middle East policy after being blasted by members of both parties for ordering a hasty pull-out from Syria and being accused of abandoning the allied Kurds.

Fox News host Sean Hannity told the president he was 'was surprised' he didn't hit Iran after a June attack on a U.S. drone. Iran shot down a Global Hawk drone over what the Pentagon said were international waters, calling it an 'intruding American spy drone.'

'We have a lot of good will built up. They took down a drone, there was nobody in it. They took down a second drone, there was nobody in it. There’s a lot of good will,' Trump told his interviewer.
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