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Message Subject Donald Trump PRAISES Iran for not hurting anyone when shooting drones
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I want a place to put a teepee for Roxy and I to stay around. Obviously it needs to be out in the middle of nowhere, which is where I like to be. Of course all visitors would be welcome.

Roxy the poster on glp and also many other forums and places has been one of my watchers for a very long time.

I will not lie, I am pretty sure Roxy the fox is on a telescope mission and may be Roxy the poster. I'm not sure what name she goes by here, I always know her avatar and signature.

I think this fox is just wonderful, I just need to find out what to feed a fox and procure some of this for treats. She is a wild animal and obviously can fend for herself unless she decides not to. Then I will need to find more food.

Yes, I am an animal lover, and they seem to like me too.

Sorry about the off topic memo.
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