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Message Subject Donald Trump PRAISES Iran for not hurting anyone when shooting drones
Poster Handle Builder of the Adytum
Post Content

Praising for them for their "good will" really sends out the wrong message right now.

They are bad actors on the world stage and it doesn't help.

It's like the way too friendly language used with Little Kim.

Inappropriate in the situation.

Or do I need to brush up on my rationalization skills again?
 Quoting: Builder of the Adytum

Trump recognizes that he's being pushed to war. He also recognizes that any full scale hot endeavor would tip the already teetering political-socio-economic environment much more quickly into the chaotic abyss. He simply doesn't want that to happen on his watch, which would taint the brand name for eternity.

I don't often praise the guy, but I do understand the flaming tightrope he's trying to walk.
 Quoting: SyncAsFunk

Well, I voted for him, and I would still vote for him again versus Bernie, or Creepy Joe or Fauxcahontas but I really wish he would stop saying and tweeting stupid shit.
 Quoting: Builder of the Adytum

If republican warriors like Nikki Haley or Tom Cotton would run for the GOP nomination, I'd gladly vote for them over Trump. He doesn't have much balls on the world stage. But then again neither do the democrats.
 Quoting: Goblin Slayer

Well, I wouldn't vote for Nikki over Trump either, but she ain't running.

And...Tom who?
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