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Message Subject 5G + Blue Beam = Mind Control Deception - A Documentary!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I can't watch it now, but looking into frequency weapons and 5G, it seems readily apparent that massive delusion and mind control will become very easy for the beastly system very soon.
 Quoting: Fluffy Pancakes

Yep. I've been wondering if that "Holo-Lens" that is demonstrated in this documentary will become a standard Borg implant for the humans who willingly submit to Lucifer's rule and control. This may not be necessary when 5G microwaves can literally cause you to hallucinate up to constant and/or incredibly vibrant colored whatever it is you'll wind up hallucinating.

The "supernatural" aspect is the Magickal aspect I believe. Seeing as this will be the most powerful Corrupt(for Lucifer's people) spells being utilized on Earth I wouldn't be a bit surprised those who are open to Corruption will definitely gravitate to Corruption after this UN sponsored and controlled false holographic and Magickal alien invasion planet wide. 9/11 was a very powerful Black Magick ritual. Lots of GLPers and others on the Internet have admitted over the years since 9/11 everything has been feeling darker and worse. As though the whole planet became seriously haunted all of a sudden. Chances are during the false great alien invasion billions of humans will wind up demonically possessed before being killed off, and those demons will still be out there ready to possess any remaining humans who do not have a strong or stronger bond with Yeshua/Jesus Christ.
 Quoting: darkwolf007

you were ahead of your time, OP.
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