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VOTER FRAUD HAS BEGUN: MUST READ: Dori: Is it just a coincidence King County is sending duplicate ballots?

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10/24/2019 09:45 AM

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VOTER FRAUD HAS BEGUN: MUST READ: Dori: Is it just a coincidence King County is sending duplicate ballots?
I got an email a few days ago from a listener named Dena, who received two ballots in the mail for the upcoming election. She wrote:

I thought you might be interested in this information: I went last week to get my enhanced drivers license. I received my ballot to vote in the mail today and received two ballots — one with my name with my middle initial, and one with my name and middle name spelled out. I am assuming that when I got my enhanced license I was double registered. I am going to contact the elections department to find out which ballot I should use. My concern is that everyone who is already registered to vote and gets their enhanced license is going to get two ballots. I am sure there are many people who will not be honest as I am and will vote twice. What are the checks and balances for this? I see this as a large problem since the enhanced licenses are to become mandatory in October 2020, just before the next election. I have emailed the department of elections

Our friends at KIRO 7 TV heard a similar story from a Woodinville man. King County Elections admitted they send out “10s of thousands of second ballots” to voters every year because if your address changes, your eligibility for voting on different measures does too. This costs 10s of thousands of dollars in postage, as KIRO 7 TV reported. However, King County Elections is assuring voters that no one is going to vote twice.

more info and valid points ....
[link to mynorthwest.com (secure)]

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Dr Thaddeus They
They don't really care whether the truth gets out, because the public no longer knows what's meant by "the truth."

Well, I mean, no one can tell the difference anymore between what's real and what's fake.

Anyway, the point is, I can tell you all of this, right out in the open, because it doesn't matter who knows about it. They won't know whether to believe it or not.-
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to grow up remembering th

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