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Message Subject The Magic Pill documentary - How the keto diet can heal 70 percent of the diseases we face today.
Poster Handle Zerubayah
Post Content
Its crazy to see how widespread the ketogenic knowledge has spread in the last decade when it seemed so hidden when I first found out. I independently stumbled upon it 10 years ago while reading the story in the book of Daniel where he and his fellows eschewed eating the meat provided to all the foriegn princes in favor of carb heavy foods and although it was ostensibly for religious purposes it also served the purpose of fattening them up to fulfill Nebuchadnezzar's expected image of health. I knew right then in that moment this was a gift of knowledge that I could not ignore.

After being struck down by the inspiration of the Spirit in that realization I did some frenzied internet searching and discovered much supporting information, as well as the apparent conspiracy within the food industry and scientific community to suppress this fact of human biology. I then bought an blood sugar meter, confirming after multiple readings a day for a few days that I was clinically pre-diabetic and quite insulin resistant. I then switched to a hardline ketosis diet consisting of no more then 30g of carbs a day to maintain blood sugar and after 2 weeks my blood sugar levels were nearly perfect both fasting and after eating. I alternated in and out of ketosis on a rough monthly schedule and in less then a year I had lost 70 lbs going from 250 to 180 without any added exercise besides my normal work routine. Even after not sticking to the keto diet very strictly afterwards my blood sugar remained healthy and I've had little difficulty staying below 200lbs.
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