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Message Subject The Magic Pill documentary - How the keto diet can heal 70 percent of the diseases we face today.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Been on keto for over a year. Off all meds for BP high cholesterol and was pre diabetic. Now i no longer take meds. Just had my blood work done and my ldl is ultra low under 100, my hdl good cholesterol is 48, ideal is over 40. My total cholesterol is 154. Now whats funny is i literally eat butter at times. I crave it. I eat red meat 1-2 times a day. Usually 1lbs of steak at night with some greens. How can my blood work be soo good? Compared to when i was low fat and watched what i ate and starved myself with small portions. Back then my hdl was maybe 20 ldl 360+ and total cholesterol was 300+ too. Blood pressure was super high i felt like shit 24/7. Was like that for 7 years. Started in my earlier 30s. Now im 38 but i feel 18 again. Oh libido is like im 15 again lol. That was also a problem i started having. Not no more.. 🍆
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