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Message Subject The Magic Pill documentary - How the keto diet can heal 70 percent of the diseases we face today.
Poster Handle akasuzanne
Post Content
I am 1/2 Azorian - (so I do best on a version of the "Mediterranean" Diet. The other 1/2 is Ukranian and Australian Aboriginal. Native tribes tend to hunt and gather - similar in some ways to Mediterranean // eat local - so olives, small game animals (organic home grown chickens) LAMB (goat/lamb milk cheeses (like feta) vegetables (a person might have in a garden - tomatoes, basil onions - fruits IN SEASON, lemons (always) - garlic - VERY EASY 2 GROW)).

Be well everyone!!

PS - stay away from refined sugar (Honey is OK))
Carbs are potatoes (small) Jerusalem Artichokes, melons, corn tortillas.

Being as we are somewhat alternative in how we think - I would venture to guess some of us are very healthy!!
 Quoting: ruser

hf Sounds perfectly healthy and logical.
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