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Message Subject FBI Release... Stop What You're Doing and READ THIS! Bigger Than EPSTEIN
Poster Handle Loup Garou
Post Content
* Many of the "elite" like Hillary have reprobate minds because they have willingly sold out to the devil. A perverse spirit inhabits them. Trump is calling out these evil Globalists for what they are and he has the support of many Christians, including me.

Have you guys read the info on the net referring to LAMPE , MO , which is located next to Branson, which is located next to the Arkansas & Missouri border , which is next to the Mena airport that was used by the Bush & Clinton cabals to ship massive amounts of cocaine in the 80s?

Drugs that were then taken to Branson and distributed by "handlers" & musicians traveling across the country. There is also supposedly some kind of major black ops facility used for training & recreation located in LAMPE Mo. which is probably the place Aquino did all his sick shit at.
 Quoting: Loup Garou

Hiya Lou. I live in that area. Is that place still operational?
 Quoting: LilMiss

LilMiss, I live in Louisiana, not sure of what is or is not still operational. But you can be assured that all of that horror is still taking place all around the world.

These reprobates relish in depraved acts and the sentence for pedophilia MUST be Capital Punishment in every single case, worldwide.

BTW,, love your festive avatar..
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