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Subject WOW! President Trump DID NOT NOTIFY All Congressional Leaders: “We Decided Not to Because Washington Leaks – Washington a Leaking Machine
Poster Handle HO LEE FUKK
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[link to www.thegatewaypundit.com (secure)]

Last night President Trump and America won again!
The barbaric leader of ISIS Abu Al-Baghdadi was killed last night near the Syrian–Turkish border.
This comes after every Democrat and NeverTrumper on the right exploded over the President’s recent policy to remove US soldiers from Syria.

President Trump made a statement on Sunday morning.
Trump told the press that Congressional leaders were not notified during the attack due to their constant leaks.

President Trump: We notified some. Others are being notified now as we speak. We were going to notify them last night but we decided not to do that because Washington leaks like we’ve never seen it before. There’s no country in the world that leaks like we do. And Washington is a leaking machine.
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