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Subject Why do the share blue liberal sheep even try here anymore?
Poster Handle Shamrock007
Post Content
To this day I've never seen a liberal shill post a thread that turned anyone against Trump.

Let's be honest... The times they do post a thread hating on Trump and the first 10 responses that come back to back to back (even before the threads pinned) usually always have a response "I used to support Trump, but I don't anymore". Of Course from an AC.


I don't think they fully understand how fucked they are. They still think it's about hearts and minds and they can turn people who are woke against Trump. They make threads about Trump said something politically incorrect. Make posts "Oh the walls not fully built yet" ect.. So on and so Fourth.

There is literally 3+ investigations ongoing that will absolutely destroy the deep state and the Democratic party. OIG/Huber/Durham.

Been going on for years...... They come here and say Trump said Mean things and he didn't fully build his wall.

Well Hell.... Let me go and vote for Warren. Said no one ever....lol

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