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Message Subject Republicans Say Impeachment Process Is A COUP
Poster Handle Moon&Stars
Post Content
If there is a Russian plant in the House, it's Schiff.
 Quoting: Moon&Stars

Russia has nothing to do with it. Never did. We're up against Global Communism. Russia is no longer Communist. Russia is no supporter of Globalism. In that sense, they could be/should be our biggest ally.

It's like 3 card monty and Russia is the card they want you to be looking at. The real card isn't even on the table. It's in the Democrats back pocket and if we play their game at all, we've already lost.
 Quoting: Festus Hoggbottom

Yes, Russia should be one of our closest allies. They have been in the past, and might be more so now than we know publicly.

Trump doesn't play the same game that the dems do, that politicians do. And they are way out of their league when it comes to Trump's game. He's been onto them from the beginning.
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