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Message Subject Republicans Say Impeachment Process Is A COUP
Poster Handle ThirstyMarlin
Post Content
From the way the Democrat leadership is acting, since the day Trump was elected, I think there is something more going on here than simply a coup attempt.

I think they are in personal survival mode, because they committed high crimes of treason long before Trump even ran for President.

Sure, the vile Democrats want to protect their nasty agenda, but that is nothing new either. Let's not forget the way the treated Judge Kavanaugh with that lying bitch Christine Ford.

And how Obama and Hillary wrecked this nation and destroyed our State Department. And, don't forget that Trump once said he would offer a million dollars for Obama to produce a legitimate Birth Certificate. You didn't forget that, did you? Because I know Trump did not forget.

No, I think many of the Democrats are shitting their pants because they know their past crimes are treason to a high degree. And they will do anything to protect their god Obama.
And their minions will do anything to protect their child sacrifice ritual that we call abortion.

And the New World Order with Soros as the front man is in danger of falling apart because of Trump. The Democrats have so much at stake here (like their necks in a rope) that they are fighting for survival, and this will be a fight to the death.

They know if Trump gets a second term in office, it's lights out for them...quite literally.

Therefore, they will continue to do anything and everything to stall and tie Trump up so he cannot be free enough to bring the hammer down. I know those of us who support Trump want to see the arrests start now, but the Democrats are intelligent and have always been very good at playing the game of politics. They are good at politics because they have no moral or ethical guidelines to limit their actions.

Also, we can now see without a doubt just how deep the Deep State truly is and how filthy the D.C. swamp has become. This is much more than a soft coup attempt. This is something all together different. This is a shit storm, and it is a Category 5.

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