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Message Subject Republicans Say Impeachment Process Is A COUP
Poster Handle CSnow
Post Content
I know the corruption was bad but this is just a whole OTHER LEVEL! Its almost like North Korea how they make propaganda against America! Telling me lies all the time will not make it true or sway my opinion now. Just on spite Ill vote for President Trump now!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13156578

America in 2019 is witnessing a Yankee version of the ultra-liberalism that trashed Russia during the early 1900s with the start of the ruthlessness and inhumanity of Joseph Stalin.

Same thing with China under the iron-fist of ultra-liberal Mao Tse-tung. Cuba and Castro too. More recently, originally Hugo Chavez and then Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

If those examples strike some people as too hyperbolic, then the mindless liberalism/leftism that has dominated, as one example, Mexican politics for generations should be a warning to the wise. Or the leftist biases that have roiled French politics for decades. Or Puerto Rican politics for decades. Or EU-Brussels politics for over 30 years.

Those are all cautionary tales of what the US is facing. All made easier and faster because most people don't understand the dark nature of left-leaning biases.

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