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Message Subject Republicans Say Impeachment Process Is A COUP
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think y'all are going to like this one. Republicans speak out against the sham and coup attempt.

 Quoting: Moon&Stars

hey tards, dems said the same shit when clinton was impeached, that it was a coup

same shit different toilet:

"Trump Calls It a 'Coup'; In 1998, Dems Supporting Bill Clinton Agreed Impeachment Effort Was a 'Coup'"

"In December 1998, as the Republican-led House of Representatives debated articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton for lying under oath and obstructing justice, numerous Democrats described the effort as a "coup."

Here are excerpts of various Democrats, some still serving in Congress, who denounced the Clinton impeachment as a "coup." Their comments can be found in the congressional record."

[link to www.cnsnews.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61576794

here is Maxine Waters calling the 98 clinton impeachment a coup:

"Rep. Maxine Waters of California invoked American troops:

Mr. Speaker, how must our American soldiers feel to have their Commander in Chief under attack while they are engaged in battle? They have the right to feel betrayed and undermined. Today we are here in the people’s House debating the partisan impeachment of the President of the United States of America while the Commander in Chief is managing a crisis and asking world leaders for support. This is indeed a Republican coup d’etat..."
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