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Message Subject There is no Answer.
Poster Handle SocialEnigma
Post Content
Find it, and it changes.
There is no Final Authority, for...

Consciousness knows not even Itself.
And never will for all of Eternity.
That is the truth of being.

There is no escape from this Fact, no matter what you do.
A single Being, or billions of Beings in an Association of Beings, could declare that null and void.

There is no Escape.
There is only God.
Because God is all there Is.
 Quoting: Stu

God loves us so; that we can wander, even from him if that's our desire.

But does he change? No, he set things to have a uniformity on this plane of existence. Without him saying "Let there be light" we'd not have that measurement in which to base physics off of.

He's the ultimate answer. And our choice is to yield or to go on pretending we have the truth.
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