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Message Subject Up-date Pg.10: Health Warning as KP-Index 11-02-19 stays ZERO for 30 hours--Strokes/Heart Attack/Emotional UpTicks. Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
The video (below) may seem a little "OFF-TOPIC" to the thread,
but if you listen carefully to what Professor Erick Dollard
has to say about cell phones and cell phone towers you may
be able to "connect-the-dots" with WHY KP ZERO INDEX might
add more energy exposure "on our collective plates" than
we NEED...(this VIDEO was back in 2013, so 6 years later it is MULTIPLES of this report now--AND WE WONDER WHY WE ARE

ERIC DOLLARD. The video I was looking for
is below if anyone else cares to comment on it or
enlarge on what he says. You just WILL NOT hear this
kind of honesty in many mainstream science circles. He's
got courage, that's for sure. The mainstream guys did NOT
like this guy and he was forced to "drop out" and do
independent study. (You can see why when you listen to this!)

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
8:00 minute duration. Professor Dollard gives us an
8 minute summary of Helping a person with "energy flu"
(he doesn't call it that) discover the SOURCE of his
illness...turns out to be cell phone RF exposure and cell
phone tower dangers. This was back in 2013 with, what,
3G technology--now we are looking at 5G exposure. NOT GOOD.
TOO MUCH RF EXPOSURE NOW. 1,000 times more than is
allowed by Bell for linemen in 2013!

QUOTE [Less than 50%]
From Professor Eric Dollard (formerly with Bell Labs):
If you are standing out in the street right now in
"Silly Phone Wonderland"...You might as well be standing on
the deck of an aircraft carrier being swept by search
radars....If you are looking at a cell phone tower, you
are getting 1,000 watts of RF right in the face, lighting
up your whole living room...except they aren't PULSED
which makes them even worse. (Short pulses are too short
but current RF cell phone towers are continuous.)
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