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Message Subject Up-date Pg.10: Health Warning as KP-Index 11-02-19 stays ZERO for 30 hours--Strokes/Heart Attack/Emotional UpTicks. Video
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I think we all agree that the magnetosphere is weakened (and will become unstable in a reverse) and this depletion of our natural shields will allow all manner of cosmic energy onto the surface. UVC has been recorded at ground level and this alone is concerning for our eyes. Excess short wavelength UV will cook the viscous fluid in the eye and result in partial blindness. Sunglasses are a must imho. Limit air travel also as the higher altitudes and some particular routes are recording high level exposures.

The Sun is different from my youth, we would spend summer days, dawn to dusk out in boats or at the beach in Nth Queensland and not get sunburn. Now ten minutes and you're cooked. I believe there is a reason why we are seeing these changes now and it is both good and not so good, depending on your position in the scheme of things.

Without question, we can sense the changes in mood and attention span, the vertigo and hypertension from these energies, so to say they are figments of an overactive imagination is debunked, simply by the number of people reporting strange, unusual maladies. Now pause for a moment and imagine, if you can, what could transpire if Solar Cycle 25 is a doozy. Additionally, OsC, Vogt, SO and La Violette are onto a specific that WILL cause the Sun to go ballistic.

The Sun..gives life, takes life away. However there is an aspect of the solar radiation that is only now being recognised and understood, indeed detected that I personally feel is the key to junk DNA activation, but it comes at a cost.
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oh and a very good post btw...
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