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Message Subject Up-date Pg.10: Health Warning as KP-Index 11-02-19 stays ZERO for 30 hours--Strokes/Heart Attack/Emotional UpTicks. Video
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Everyone's different, and I think some people have a more finely tuned antenna, for whatever reason.

Myself, I am aspie so I am extra sensitive to sensory stimuli in general.

In addition being sensitive to space activity I also have ear tones, and have sensed some larger quakes by feelings of unusual illness. Japan 9.0 quake I was horribly sick the day prior.

I was curious if anyone has tried dirt therapy to counteract the energy flu? I started feeling rough again early in the afternoon, but I forced myself outside to plant some tulip bulbs. I was amazed at how much it helped me, maybe it was some sort of grounding effect?

I'm not a science-y person but whatever this is, it's definitely some sort of energy, and it absolutely affects people, some more than others. I do find it fascinating.

Much love to you all hf
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Yes, I know several who absolutely need to go barefoot just to ground themselves. Not hard to to here in the South but they swear by the practice of grounding.

I enjoy doing it in summer and fall. There is some science to all that going on.

There are some folks who are very attuned to their bodies who just don't know what to make of the correlations between 'as above, so below' rule going on right now.

I'm still waiting on getting my super powers! Like being able to fly
but hell, I settle for being able to get up in the morning w/out my body protesting.
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