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Message Subject Why is GLP, as a whole, majorly afraid of vegans????
Poster Handle MountainTux NLI
Post Content
Eat whatever the fuck you want, Parasite Boy.

The only vegans who get crap are the ones who get all "holier than thou" and start teeing off on people who choose to dine differently.

Eat what you want, fuck who you want, drink what you want, just don't act like anyone who doesn't agree with you has something wrong with them.

It's called mutual respect, get some.
 Quoting: Larry D. Croc

But speaking out about the evil of eating animals is exactly why we are vegan.....

... because we care about the lives of animals.

So naturally we are going to be vocal about it, given our care of the lives of animals...!
 Quoting: Reilly 72899496

Utterly untrue, leech... STILL you lie!

Let's approach this in order. First, NOBODY is afraid of vegans... I find your linguistic skills more frightening than your food choices.

Second, if you cared at all about the "lives of animals" you'd make an effort to understand life cycles and sustainability, ecology, husbandry, etc. etc. Vegans, like the psycho PETA folk, are married to an IDEAL regarding animal life, not FACTS.

The FACT is that if animal populations aren't properly culled, THEY SUFFER. In a natural environment, EVERYTHING THAT WALKS, FLIES OR CRAWLS IS FOOD FOR SOMETHING ELSE. if not? That population suffers.

Now, unethical farming practices are a different beast entirely... but that's on BOTH sides of the fence, because the drive to produce soy and other vegan "approved" plant material is DESTROYING arable land faster than it can be renewed. You know what would help? PROPER FARMING of BOTH animals and crops together. But the demand for vegan crap outstrips the ability to produce it in volume by any reasonable means.

SO you can be proud that not only are you stripmining arable land, for all intents and purposes, but you are a proponent of actually HARMING animal populations. Killing with kindness, as it were.

Stupid people do stupid things, kiddo. You can eat what you want, but don't you EVER try to own a moral high ground based on your diet.

Besides, you just eat like a rabbit because your sponging lifestyle doesn't sustain a meat-eating diet.


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